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Re: Debian permanently hangs during installation boot process

Am 12.12.04 haute roper@pacifier.com zum Thema ?Debian permanently hangs 
during installation boot process? in die Tasten:

> Debian permanently hangs during installation boot process.
> Last boot entry: "aacraid raid driver version, Apr 20 2002"

If I got it right, you are not able to see your hard disk unsing the 
Debian ?boot CD?- functions.
And what about the ?Installation Main-Menue?, where you have first tell 
Debian in which partition, define, mount, swap and so on --> Are you able 
to come till this menue?

> Boot Disk:..... Debian on CD-ROM, Woody, version 3.0r3

Good Quality burning from a Distributor? 
Debian v3Rev2 has 7 CD's for i386

> Hard drive new, no previous OS installed, formatted using fdisk under
> "live" Linux distro Mepis.
> Disk partition: hda1 2GB boot; hda2 10GB linux; hda3 2GB swap.

May be that's the point: You are preparing your hard disk for Debian with 
the Mepis Distribution. And you have not a new, empty hard disk.
I'm not an expert, but try to erase your hard Disk completely, including 
master boot record (MBR). Afterwards work only with the debian CD's.

Südwest-Sternchen Kalle
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