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Bug#286001: please consider purging discover1 after installation

also sprach Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2004.12.16.2228 +0100]:
> What proof do you have that hotplug will discover all the same
> hardware as discover1, and load the same modules for it? If it
> doesn't, the installed system may not work.

It scans the same subsystems. I also tried on four different systems
to boot with and without discover and compared the

  lsmod | sort | uniq

output to find not a single difference.

But I do not have a real proof, no.

I agree with you that unless this is proven, discover probably has
to stay. Maybe hotplug could be started before discover, and if
discover finds 0 modules to load, it could disable itself on future
boots or print an appropriate message?

> > Moreover, X configuration uses discover 2.x anyway.
> X uses whichever version of discover is installed.

argh. overlooked that.

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