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Bug#285741: [sparc32] crc32.o module missing in sid_d-i

Jurij Smakov wrote:
> Actually it is due to the fact that crc32.o kernel module is missing from 
> the nic-modules udeb (present for sparc64). I have run a few builds of 
> linux-kernel-di-sparc (0.62) to understand what's going on and the results 
> were non-deterministic: sometimes the crc32.o would get included into the 
> udeb, sometimes not. So far I was not able to clearly isolate conditions 
> leading to the erroneous behavior. I'll investigate more.

I suspect that it went missing in 0.62 because I built that on a sparc64
machine. I checked and /lib/modules/2.4.27-1-sparc32/modules.dep is empty

see shy jo

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