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Bug#283303: Analysis and possible workaround

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Anton Zinoviev wrote:

I think that the sun disk labels do not reserve special place on the
disk to keep the partition table.  The partition table resides at the
start of the disk but the first partition is allowed to start right
there.  Thats why the first partition may not contain swap, LVM or RAID.
(Most file systems do not change the first sector so they are allowed.)
Can you check if this bug still exists when the swap space does not
start at the beginning of the disk?

Anton Zinoviev

No, this bug does not exists if the swap partition is not the first on the disk. However, as indicated in the bug trail (see my message with subject "[sparc] updated parted_server.c patch"), everything works fine if the changes are committed to disk after filesystem creation using ped_disk_commit_to_dev(). So I believe that the swap partition is positioned correctly (not overwriting the partition table), it is just that changes do not get flushed to disk properly.

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