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Help with console-less remote x86 box ...


I am trying to install debian on a remote x86 box, where i have nothing apart
from a network connection, and ssh into an existing redhat system (and a free
1GB swap partition i can scavenge).

As i see it, without needing the kvm again, there are two possibilities for

  1) use the netboot image, but boot it directly from disk with lilo, and use
  the ssh frontend.

  2) use preseeding and do a fully automated blind install. This is rather
  chancy though, especially as we don't have a local mirror system to test run

I know the ssh frontend was done for the s390 machines, but is it available
also on other plateforms ? Part of the standard rc2 netboot image ? Are
particular options needed ? I didn't find any documentation in the x86 manual
about this. 

The other possibility would be to hire the kvm switch again, and do a hd-media
install (since the kvm uses the same ip as the box, the netboot method is not

/me a bit lost outside of my nice to boot pegasos/powerpc/OF boxes with serial
console :/


Sven Luther

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