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Bug#284289: partial preseeding after manual partman

maks attems wrote:
> all the second stage was preseeded, but the passwords.
> nevertheless i was asked all questions and shown all the notes.
> so preseeding did not work there.
> initially the preseeding worked, as i wasn't asked about the apt
> mirrors.
> if you look at the sent preseed file, partman is not preseeded,
> but the other d-i questions are.
> i know i should have worked out a partition recipe or used one of the 
> proposed.  time pressure made that i thought that i could use manual
> partman (nice lvm setup), but leave all the rest preseeded.

Your preseed.cfg is misformatted:

joey@dragon:~>debconf-set-selections < preseed.cfg
error: parse error on line 267: 'ent and received directly using SMTP'
zsh: exit 1     debconf-set-selections < preseed.cfg

This appears to be a simple line wrap mistake. Note that preseed is much
less picky about this than debconf-set-selections, since it's
implemented in a much less capable language where checking everything
that debconf-set-selections does would be hard.

see shy jo

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