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Bug#284082: Incomplete entry in the errata of rc2

Please don't file RC bug reports about the WEB SITE on the
debian-installer pseudo package. We have a pasudo-package for the web
site, and the d=-i psudo package is abused enough as it is, and huge
time sink for me to reassign all the crap that is assigned here to the
correct package.

Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> The current text in the errata is:
>   * LVM failure on Sparc32 (at least). If you want to create LVM volume
>   groups, the physical volumes must not reside at the beginning of the
>   disk, or else activating new logical volumes within the volume group
>   will fail. This is due to some unforeseen quirks in Sun disk labels.
> This failure happened because the the sun disk label resides at the
> beginning of the disk and the first partition may start from the
> beginning of the disk.  Hence the partition table becomes part of the
> first partition. Most file systems are smart enough not to write data at
> the beginning of their place but this is not the case with the phisical
> volumes for LVM or RAID and not the case with the swap spaces.
> The users MAY NOT create swap spaces or partitions for LVM and RAID at
> the beginning of the disk or the partition table will be subsequently
> completely erased.

Two words: Unified diff.

see shy jo

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