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Bug#271278: [i386] [20040911] Problems with partitionning


On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 12:41:05PM +0200, Julien Danjou wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> I did not want to delete hd[ac]8 and hd[ac]9, so I deleted everything,
> but them.
> Then, I created /dev/hda1 for /boot as primary, /dev/hd[ac]2 for swap,
> /dev/hd[ac]3 for root. No problem.
> But when I creaed a logical partition for /usr, it was named /dev/hda7,
> because partmon decided that hda8 and hda9 were now hda5 and hda6,
> because they were alone as logical partition.

Yes.  Thus must not make problems.

> And that the point: because I continued to install the system, it
> worked, but when I rebooted, the kernel did not autodetect these raid
> arrays, only md0 (/dev/hd[ac]2). Quite annoying.

Do you have some idea why the raid arrays were not autodetected?

> "cfdisk /dev/hda" or /dev/hdc said that the partition 7 was a bad
> logical partition because it was overlapping another, something like
> this.

This is because cfdisk can not work with partition tables where the
order of the logical partitions on the disk does not follow the order of
their numbers.  This was exactly what partman created here because hda7
was on the disk before hda5 and hda6.

Why partman/parted numbers partitions in this way is another story.  In
general this is because parted tries not to change the partition numbers
if possible.  When you removed you partitions there was no choice but
latter when you created hda7 there was no need to renumber hda5 and hda6
as cfdisk would do.

Anton Zinoviev

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