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Bug#248855: Still problems with USB keyoard on SunBlade 150 / sparc64

Due to the rc2 and upcoming final version of Debian Installer
I decided to test whether my old bug report #248855 has been
taken into account. Alas, it has not.

Today I tried two CD images, without success:

This is an old probem which plagues the d-i, please see:

Briefly: after booting the SunBlade 150, main screen of d-i
is shown (aka "Choose language"), but the keyboard doesn't
work. Looks like a "Sun keyboard" is auto-selected, but this
is wrong - it should be "USB keyboard".

I know, this is impolite, but recently I downloaded a livecd
for Gentoo 2004.3 installer, and guess what - everything works.
So, it is possible to install Linux on SunBlade 150 in a normal
way. Just please tell me, why, for over half of a year (!),
this does not apply to Debian???

I begin to loose hope. This bug is a regression - I have
an old  working copy of d-i's CD image (as described in the
above bug report), so once in a time d-i was working correctly
for me. Why do you, great Debian/sparc developers, do this?
How can one claim to have another stable release when
IT DOESN'T INSTALL on a new (?) hardware?

Could anybody kindly help me, please?

Best regards,
Wiktor Wandachowicz

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