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Bug#283427: Lilo installation failed

severity 283427 normal
tags 283427 moreinfo

Quoting Newbeewan (newbeewan@fr.st):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: Daily build 20041121
> Severity: Important bug
> Priority: normal
> tags: sarge, d-i
> Hi,
> Installation of lilo failed lilo step with the manual steps ( after 
> cancelling Grub install )...
> The only solution I found :
> go into console -> #chroot /target /bin/bash -> configure source.list of 
> apt, install lilo -> execute lilo command to write the mbr...
> It happen during the installation on a SATA disk, but I hink it is not 
> linked to it...

Without the installer logs, we can't do anything, indeed. Please
provide the file(s) in /var/log/debian-installer from the installed

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