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Bug#283312: it would be cool if the Debian installer checked which MBR to do a grub-install with multiple hard drives

Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: Daily build 11-20-2004
uname -a: Linux owl 2.6.8-1 Thu Nov 11 11:49:00 EST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
Date: 2004-11-25
Method: boot off netinst cd, get debs from ftp

Machine: Intel 865P motherboard
Processor: Celeron 2.6mhz


I had an old IDE hard drive in this machine with another debian
install on it. I wanted to install a clean debian on a new SATA drive
I bought and have radically different partitions. I just wanted to
retain SOME data. So I threw the SATA drive in, booted up debian

It was late at night, and I was tired and bleary eyed, but when it
asked "Install Grub to MBR" I said yes. Unfortunately, while I
partitioned only the sata drive and installed the base system to only
that drive, it automatically did a grub-install (hd0) on the ide
drive. It would be cool if, when installing on a multiple-hard-drive
system, you could ask the user WHICH hard drive's MBR to use for a
grub install.

Also, when I rebooted with the installer and just wanted to install
grub to the MBR, it wouldn't let me do it without repartitioning. I
know I would have had to then manually tell grub which kernel to point
to, but it would be cool if I could have forced this somehow (I guess
I could have dropped to a shell on another console and done a manual
grub-install (hd1)...) I'm not sure if "expert mode" gives more
flexibility with this -- i didn't try it.

Otherwise, everything went great. The installer keeps getting better!
It's awesome!

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