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Bug#282781: debian-installer: Sparc64 RC2 netboot puts console in unicode mode erroneously

Philip Armstrong wrote:
> Just tried the Sparc64 RC2 netboot debian-installer on an Ultra 5.
> It puts the console in unicode mode, despite the fact that the sparc
> console doesn't appear to do unicode. This leads to a messed up
> display, with characters out of place (usually, text is displaced a
> character to the left, and the right hand edge of list-boxes appears
> ragged rather than straight). It's usable, but doesn't exactly look
> professional. Playing around with debconf/framebuffer=false or adding
> LANG or LOCALE=C to the boot arguments didn't appear to make any
> difference unfortunately.

IIRC this is fixed in the new localechooser. Currect, Bubulle?

see shy jo

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