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Bug#283137: Problem when booting from second CD

reassign 283137 debian-cd

Margarita Manterola wrote:
> This report was done with RC2 CDs, downloaded via bittorrent
> Known by my will to do weird things, this time I tried booting from the
> second CD, instead of the first.  It listed only "linux" and "expert" as
> booting methods, so I chose "linux"
> But I couldn't get really far, because quite early in the installation
> (just after reading the CD's data), it stated that the CD didn't contain
> the correct kernel modules (there was a "mismatch" between the modules and
> the kernel version), and took me back to the menu.

Proably because there are no udebs at all, let alone kernel udebs, on
the second CD. So I'm reassigning this to debian-cd; if the second full
CD is intended to be bootable, it needs to have the d-i udebs on it.

see shy jo

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