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[patch] debian-manual pxe boot add small hint

belows patch adds a small hint where to find that tftp boot.
perhaps it makes user more confident. ;-)

but maybe to specific, maybe just added without the last phrase
with special case? i leave it up to you.


Index: installer/doc/manual/en/boot-installer/i386.xml
--- installer/doc/manual/en/boot-installer/i386.xml	(revision 24001)
+++ installer/doc/manual/en/boot-installer/i386.xml	(working copy)
@@ -295,7 +295,8 @@
 PXE boot functionality.
 This is a <trademark class="trade">Intel</trademark> re-implemention
 of TFTP boot. If so you may be able to configure your BIOS to boot from the
+network. Watch out Bios messages for Network boot. They may tell you which
+hot key enables it. Newer boards often use <F12>.

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