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Bug#282851: hppa d-i install report

reassign 282851 palo-installer
retitle 282851 Does not add the correct initrd parameter on kernel command line
severity 282851 important

> A few glitches - i am doing a net install, but the default kernel had no
> driver for the tulip card that is common to almost all hppa systems. It
> did find the tg3 addon card that i had in the system and i was able to
> use it to do the install.
> After reboot, the system did not come up automatically. This seems to be
> because the initrd parameter was missing from the palo command line
> installed by the installer. If i manually add initrd=2/initrd.img, then
> the system boots up fine.

I guess some bug lies in palo-installer, then, though I'm not a hppa

Let's hope this will be manageable by hppa people.

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