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Re: Bug#281431: /usr/bin/localedef: localedef doesn't configure after d-i install on S/390

reassign 281431 debian-installer


At Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:04:59 -0500,
Adam Thornton wrote:
> validlocale fails at some point in a d-i install on S/390, leaving 
> Usage: /usr/sbin/validlocale <locale>
> As the only line in /etc/locale.gen.
> This can be worked around post-install by doing
> dpkg --configure --pending, clearing the first line's checkbox
> (the first line is the Usage: notice) and then selecting the right
> locales.

I think it's debian-installer specific problem.  I reassign this
report to d-i.  Debian-installer team, do you know something about
this problem?

-- gotom

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