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Re: Bug#282677: kbd-chooser: Defaults to "none" for keymap when debconf priority is critical and language has no default keymap

severity 282677 minor

Yet more information...and severity changes:

It seems that some changes in base-config would help as well and make
the "keyboard" menu entry script more robust

22:14 < fjp> bubulle: OK. And suggest to lower prio to minor
22:17 < fjp> bubulle: AFAICT debian-installer/keymap is not used in d-i outside of kbd-chooser ATM.
22:18 < fjp> bubulle: I think l-c may use it though.
22:26 < Kamion> base-config uses it
22:26 < Kamion> (lib/menu/keyboard)
22:32 < bubulle> fjp: I guess I can easily fix the portuguese mac kbd bug you described in 275086
22:32 < fjp> bubulle: Yes, I was hoping for that. The segfault problem can easily be reproduced
22:33  * bubulle will probably add yet another patch in debian/patches for console-data
22:33 < bubulle> and try not to make an ugly upload this time
22:39 < fjp> Kamion: You mean /usr/lib/base-config/menu/keyboard
22:41 < fjp> Kamion: That script does not look to be very robust. No checks to see if the returned
             value is valid as all...
22:41  * bubulle --> Zzzz (console-data building...tests tomorrow)
22:42 < fjp> bubulle: Can you add these last lines?
22:42 < Kamion> fjp: I mean lib/menu/keyboard, because I'm looking in the source package :-P
22:42 < bubulle> fjp: to the BR?
22:43 < fjp> bubulle: Yes.
22:43 < fjp> Kamion: I was looking on installed system ;-)
22:43 < bubulle> I leave this up to you...in case the discussion continues...:-)
22:44 < Kamion> fjp: it's set -e, which helps a lot
22:45 < fjp> Kamion: I guess it will fail on the KEYMAP=$(find ...)

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