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Bug#282098: megaraid2 / linux 2.6 / ftp

clone 282098 -1
reassign -1 netcfg
retitle -1 Incorrect calculation of proposed gateway
severity -1 minor
reassign 282098 choose-mirror
retitle 282098 Could passive mode be set if FTP is selected manually?
severity 282098 wishlist

On Friday 19 November 2004 17:25, Christophe GUILLOUX wrote:
> Config network:         [E] (manual setting : if we set subnet mask for 
> example and IP then the proposed gateway is 
> It should be

Cloning this report to netcfg for this issue.

> Detect hard drives:     [E] problem with megaraid driver, with linux26, 
> it dot not load megaraid2. With linux24 installer work but when 
> rebooting after install, there is a kernel panic on the megaraid driver 
> : megaraid.o : No such file or directory

This is a known issue and is being worked on.

> problems : - the installeur dot not use ftp passiv mode when we choose 
> manuel setting of mirror

Well, if you choose to manually configure the mirror, you can not really 
expect the installation system to know that it should set the mode.
AFAIK, you can solve this by switching to VT2 and adding the following 
lines to /etc/apt/apt.conf (using nano).
    Passive "true";
    Proxy::Passive "true";

However, I'll assign this to choose-mirror as a wishlist item.
Maybe they can grep /etc/apt/sources.list for the FTP method after manual 
configuration or something.
(Note: this wish probably also applies to apt-setup.)

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