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Bug#282308: Installation report

reassign 282308 os-prober
severity 282308 minor
retitle 282308 Should be more selective in SuSE detection

> The boot loader installation had a small problem in my case.
> In addition to the mentioned /dev/sda I have an IDE hard disk /dev/hda
> that contains Windows and SUSE Linux.  The boot loader GRUB was
> installed in the MBR of /dev/hda, so that it controls the whole boot
> process.  The other operating systems were recognized and installed
> in the boot menu.  However, the SUSE installation contains several
> files in /boot/vmlinuz* that are not kernels and should not be
> entered in the boot menu.  The relevant part of the boot menu that
> was generated by the Debian installer is:

This seems to show that os-prober should try to be more careful in
recognizing stuff in SuSE installs.

As this report only contains that problem mentioned, I reassign the
whole bug report to os-prober....

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