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Re: Re: sysresccd.org, run_qtparted, Success resizing NTFS (XP)

On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 10:49 -0500, Gray, Shawn wrote:
> I read your threads on resizing NTFS but havnig difficulty executing
> the run_qtparted command from the bootcd.
> Can you provide detailed steps to execute the run_qtparted from the
> command prompt.  All I ever get is file or directory not found.

You need to boot the 'sysresccd.org' disc, not the Debian installer one.
At the root prompt, there will be a printout on the screen that tells
about a few of the featured commands, and 'run_qtparted' should be one
of them, IIRC.

1) boot to XP, defrag the file system

2) boot to sysresccd.org disc, make sure to choose a framebuffer console
mode, such as 1024x768.  See the boot menus on the function keys for
information.  run_qtparted won't work without the framebuffer!

3) resize the NTFS -- shrink it to make room for Debian.  Don't create
any partitions for Debian, just leave free space on the drive.

4) Boot to XP and let it 'checkdisk', to make sure it worked.  You do
have a backup of your important files, just in case, right?

5) Boot the Debian installer CD, and have it install into the free space
on the disc using it's default settings and one big / partition.  The
default ext3 file system type is a good bet unless you are already
somewhat familiar with Linux.

6) Use 'aptitude' to install 'gnome-desktop-environment' and
'x-window-system-core', to (hopefully) have a working X desktop.

I've heard that Ubuntu is pretty good, wrt having a well configured
desktop after the initial installation, with less by-hand work getting
the right package set.  I've not tried it myself...  Wish I had a little
time for that.  Maybe during winter break.  o{8-)--))

    Karl Hegbloom
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