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Bug#281813: [m68k] [20041711] [cdrom] Failure with Debian installer on a Macintosh IIci

> > The installation did not finish correctly, there was an error with
> > mounting or unmountig partitions. However, I switched to console used the
> > "poweroff"
> Can you describe this further? Do you remember what the message was?
Sorry, I do not remember the message. It was the seventh or eight installation 
and there where two or three times an error from the installer with 

> > I did not come to the part where to set the root password and create a
> > user. When bootin in the new installed system the root password was
> > nothing (just pressing the enter key). But when in the system, everything
> > seems to be OK.
> So you were never prompted to setup the timezone, root password, or
> anything after it came back up? Hmmmm.
Not sure about timezone, but I never was asked for a root password or to 
create a user. And the root password is just hitting return (tried it some 
minutes ago)

> > I missed a man page for partman.
> For what were you looking?
I was looking for the possiblities partman can do. After some installations 
failed, I was wondering if I gave wrong instructions to partman. E. g.: Maybe 
I should set a boot flag to the linux partition? In situations like these it 
is good to have a manual to see if something is not implemented in the 
installer-UI. If this would be the case, I would have tried to solve problems 
from the console.

> > When reading README.html of the Netbood CD the links to "tools" is wrong
> > (it goes to \tools and not to \install\tools).
> Okay, I'll have a look at that.
> > The Mac graphic card runs in Linux without a problem. It is connected to
> > pc monitor. Not having a mac monitor I did not remove it.
> Where did you get this information?
Not sure if I understand your question. Maybe an explanation why I wrote this 
The Mac iici has an onboard video card that does not show a picture with a vga 
monitor (if a vga connector is used). I do not have a mac monitor which would 
work with onboard video. But my mac iici has a graphic card with a vga 
connector and it gives an output when using it with MacOS and my pc monitor.
Reading the debian m68k mailing list showed that users can have problems using 
their mac graphic card with linux (see 
http://lists.debian.org/debian-68k/2004/10/msg00011.html: "Many
nubus video cards not only do not work, they keep everything else from
working because the interrupts from the card flood the system.").  But I can 
use the debian installer and I can boot Sarge form hard disk with this 
graphic card installed and it gives a picture on the pc monitor. I did not 
install X.
Thinking that maybe the graphic card can be a source for the installation 
break, I thought it can make sense to wrote those two lines.

> > After having some strange installation problems, I have the feeling that
> > - the Linux root partition must be previous to the swap on the hard disk
> > - the order of the boot parameter in Penguin does matter.
> > Maybe I did not find this in the manual.
> No reason that partitions should be in a particular order. What kind of
That is a good information. 
> strange problems did you have?
All in all I tried to install Debian maybe 7 or 8 times (needs a lot of time). 
When I did not know where to look for the error, I began changing a lot of 
things without  knowing if it does make sense. I remember:
- changing the order of the boot parameters for penguin (one was ramdsk_size 
from 13000 to 20000)
- changing SCSI-IDs of devices (via changing the position of the jumpers) etc.
- When getting to install the base system for the first time,  an error 
happens which said something like that the kernel can not be installed. Next 
try I created the linux root partition previous to the swap partition and 
this error did not come, but an error with mounting or unmounting, I do not 
remember it better.
Those problems where I did not know whats going on, are the "strange 
installation problems"

> > With no in-depth Linux and Mac experience I have to say: The Debian
> > installer is great! It was much harder to install MacOS on the machine
> > than Debian Linux afterwards.
> Cool! Thanks for your feedback.
In about one to two months, a friend can give me his bigger SCSI hard disk and 
until that time I will have everything for my network here too. Then I want 
to install Sarge again and build a small server with it. I will send an 
installation report then.

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