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Re: Re: Debian installer and Dell Dimension 8400

On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 02:25:14PM -0500, Professor Robert C.Berwick wrote:
> Hi Friends,
Hello Bob,

> I too have wrestled for the past 3 months with getting Linux (of any 
> sort!) onto the Dell Dimension 8400.\
> I've tried *every* possible brand, too.
> At last, I've succeeded.
> The issue seems to be this: the Dell 8400 has an Intel ICH5/ICH6 
> (software raid) controller.
> Any linux that does not have an appropriate driver for this will fail. 
> So they all do - until now.
> (Note that even so, they *can*  be installed if you switch the bios to 
> "PATA compatbility mode" - ie, parallel ATA
> but that defeats the purpose of SATA - it is emulating a normal ATA 
> drive, the I/O goes down
> a factor of 10, at least.)
> It seems a few weeks ago, Red Hat released Update 3 of their RH 
> Enterprise System
> Version 3 linux.  This Update 3 patched the  ata_piix  driver so that 
> it  *does* handle
> ICH6. It can boot and install RH linux successfully on my Dimension 
> 8400, properly recognizing
> the drive partitions as sd*  (rather than hd*).
> 'doze even dual boots.
> OK: so that is a solution, albeit not a completely happy one for Debian 
> fans like myself.
> But it does show that this is all that is required.
> Someone in the Debian community ought see to patching the ata_piix 
> driver for ICH5/ICH6 drives. (ata_piix works
> for lots of SATA types, but not this one)
> Hope this is of some help,
> if you find out more, please do tell me - i'd like to use Debian.  Who 
> should be informed about this?

I did yesterday a succesfull install on a Dell SC420.
It uses the ata_piix module.

So I expect the Dell 8400 can also be installed with Debian.
Give it another try. Use recent versions of the software.
(Your message can be read as if you where 3 months in a loop with the
same software version of debian-installer.)

When the SATA controller in the 8400 is not discovered properly,
then load the kernel modules manually and provide us with
the output of `(lspci ; lspci -n ) | sort `

Or write a bugreport like http://bugs.debian.org/280020.

> Best,
> Bob Berwick

Geert Stappers

What was the reason for both addressing the mailinglist debian-boot
and serveral prive persons?

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