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Bug#281538: languagechooser: [s390] Invalid setup of localization

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> tags 281538 + patch
> thanks
> I would like to propose the attached patch.
> I have tested it during another s390 installation by manually running the 
> script in various variants:
> - with and without locales installed
> - for locale C
> - for locales en_US, nl_NL@euro
> Christian: could you have a critical look at the patch?

I've tried, but as written on IRC, I never digged far into that part
of languagechooser. 

My general feeling is that your patch cleans out some part of the code
and also seems to better deal with these (rare) cases which triggered

But this definitely needs some other eyes to review this also and
decide whether fixing 281538 is worth taking the risk of breaking some
critical part of the localisaiton code.

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