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HD Geometry Changes

Hello all,

The Short Story:

After re-arranging hard drives in two of my machines, I set out to
reinstall sarge on my desktop.  The hard drive had only one partition, a
30 GB FAT32 for WinXP.  I downloaded the latest nightly from:


And then installed them on my USB memory key.  It booted fine, and
installed fine.  It autodetected WinXP on the hda1 and added an entry
for it.  However, when I tried to boot into WinXP, I got the chainloader
messages, and then nothing, almost acting like Grub hangs.

The Background:

I had installed Fedora Core 2 in a test partition on the drive
previously, and to boot back into WinXP, I had to run:

sfdisk -d /dev/hda | sfdisk --force --no-reread -H255 /dev/hda

It seems that somewhere in the FC2 installer modified my HD geometry to
the point where WinXP could not boot.  After running this command, all
was well.  I also had to re-run the command before installing WinXP on
the clean drive (in my previous configuration, the current hda was hdb).
Everything ran fine after that.

I got the info regarding the HD geometry change from:


I had already "repaired" my HD when I installed WinXP on my drive, and
I booted into WinXP several times before installing sarge.

I searched to see if other debian users had experienced this issue, but
I didn't find any information.  A brief search to this list didn't
include anything.

Is the disk partitioning utility in debian-installer making the HD
geometry conform to the published standard, and that WinXP does not
follow?  Or is there some reason the geometry is being changed?


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