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Bug#281538: languagechooser: [s390] Invalid setup of localization

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 16:32, Frans Pop wrote:
> It appears this line was added to /etc/localegen during prebaseconfig,
> by calling 'validlocale $LANG' instead of 'validlocale "$LANG"' (and by
> not checking the return code of validlocale).

The problem is even more complex (at least on s390).

If I manually execute the command from a shell (at the prebaseconfig stage 
of the installation), this is the result:
# chroot /target/ /usr/sbin/validlocale ""
locale '' valid and available
# chroot /target/ /usr/sbin/validlocale C
locale 'C' valid and available
# chroot /target/ /usr/sbin/validlocale en_US
locale 'en_US' not available
Unable to open /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED at /usr/sbin/validlocale line 61.
(returncode: 2)

Checking where this file comes from on my laptop shows:
$ dpkg -S i18n/SUPPORTED
locales: /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED

I guess this means validlocale can only be run reliably if the locales 
package has already been installed (normally, languagechooser's postinst 
will take care of this by calling 'apt-install locales' when it is run).

However, this additional problem is not really a problem as long as we 
make sure LANG is unset, "" or "C" for s390.

Other possible results of calling validlocale (with locales installed):
# chroot /target/ /usr/sbin/validlocale
Usage: /usr/sbin/validlocale <locale>
(returncode: 1)
# chroot /target/ /usr/sbin/validlocale en_US
locale 'en_US' not available
en_US ISO-8859-1
(returncode: 1)

Which means that it is currently not possible to detect the difference 
between "incorrect usage" and "locale not found" from the returncode!

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