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Re: translators

Quoting genewolf (genewolf@gmail.com):
> Hi There
> You sent out a request for "african language" translators...
> Does "Afrikaans" count as an African Language? :D
> Or did you just mean Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, etc?

Afrikaans is without any doubt an african language..:-)

Anyway, what we're currently and indeed always are seeking, are
translators for all languages we don't support yet..this includes
Klingon as well....(though I suspect an Afrikaans translation to be far
more useful than a Klingon one).

So, if you're interested in participating to Debian Installer
localisation effort to Afrikaans, then you ringed the correct door.

More precisely speaking, I am, together with Dennis Stampfer
(seppy@debian.org), the one you need to speak with in order to begin
this effort.

The general documentation about d-i localisation may be found at:


Be aware that the currently prepared release of d-i will not include
more languages than currently supported, mostly because we need to
freeze the size of packages.

However, new languages are highly welcome and will be included in
future releases (we're still hoping that the d-i release cycle will be
faster the general Debian release cycle). These new languages are
called "prospective languages" in our internal jargon. A few languages
are currently in that list (Malagasy, Macedonian, Vietnamese....) and
we could be very happy to add Afrikaans to the list.

I've been in contact with the translate-devel people where
South-African translators are very active. Maybe you got aware of this
"call for african translations" through them...or maybe through
another channel. In any case, feel free to jump in to the boat and
just keep in touch and ask any question you want to ask...

And if you're in touch with potentiel Zulu, Xhosa and the other 8
official languages in RSA, just send them here....

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