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Bug#280951: Sarge RC1 Boot disk won't work without noapic

Thanks for you prompt reply, Joey.

> It is documented already. I think reassigning to the kernel might be the
> right thing to do. Are you using 2.4 or 2.6? Could you try a newer
> version of the installer, such as a daily build to make sure the problem
> is still there?

The problem exists in all 2.4 kernels up to and including .24 (I
think, most definitely .22), and in all 2.6 kernels up to and
including .7.  I believe it's the hardware that's broken.

While I haven't tried the installer, I don't believe that the kernel
issue will go away.  However, I'll be glad to give it a spin if you
point me to the right images.

Why doesn't the installer use a noapic kernel, as it did in Woody?
Unless there are machines that cannot boot noapic, wouldn't it be more
reliable to do that?


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