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Bug#280911: installation-reports

reassign 280911 libraw1394
retitle 280911 Please switch to po-debconf for debconf templates
submitter 280911 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>

> Install succeed but translation missing

Hmm, you scared me, but:

> there 's no translation to french on the libraw1394-5 configuration 
> screen and English is used.

This package does no allow localization of its debconf
messages. Ormore, precisely, it does not use po-debconf, which means
it is not easily translatable.

Reassigning this bug report as this is the only non successful thing

For libraw1394 package maintainer:

(this text is generic for "po-debconf switch" bug reports. If something is
specific to your package, look at the end of this BR)

Using the "new" gettext format for debconf templates helps for templates
translations. For instance, detecting outdated or untranslated strings 
becomes considerably easier. It also keeps track of who did which translation.

Things you have to do for using po-debconf:

-install po-debconf on your system
-go to the debian directory
-read man po-debconf..:-)
-run "debconf-gettextize *.templates"
-read the output
-change Build-Depends or Build-Depends-Indep (see below)

-ping translators on debian-i18n, attaching the templates.pot file (or
giving an URL for it) and call for translations...

Build Dependencies of the package have to become the following :

Build-Depends(-Indep) should list "debhelper (>= 4.1.16)" (debhelper
depends upon po-debconf) if you use debhelper, or "po-debconf"
directly if you don't (but, then, please look at po-debconf man page)

For more details, see po-debconf documentation, especially "man 7 po-debconf"

Read this if you're concerned with backports :

Please note that the suggested modifications will make your
package a little bit harder to backport to earlier Debian releases. If
this is a concern to you, you may try to adopt the method used by the
openssh package and detailed by Colin Watson in

This patch does not includes this method as this would make it too
invasive, IMHO. So, preserving backportability is up to you...

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