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Bug#280768: install on a vaio

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Joey Hess wrote:

> maximilian attems wrote:
> > * hint on howto choose your partition in partman.
> >   first time users stumble..
> >   list not evident as list in the template.
> "Select a partition to modify its settings". Problem is not that we
> don't give a hint, but that users do not read.

hmm well there are two problems:
* the non-obvious select list ist dealt below
* i guess once that is done, <enter> will appear
  more logical for selects, because there is no 
  hint on how to select.
> The real fix of course is to fix #265517 (newt frontend should delniate
> the contents of select lists somehow).

yeeah that would be great!
> > * going back from grub screen should not automatically lower
> >   debconf priority
> >   as some user prefer lilo (known configs, old habits,..)
> If it didn't lower the priority, you'd not be able to choose lilo from
> the menu, would you?

well but succesfull lilo install could again reset debconf to higher.
sorry for getting in details for whom i don't know the consequences,
reformulate wishlist (hope it makes it clearer):
* get an easy prompt to select lilo without having to change debconf

thanks a lot for the quick response.

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