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Bug#280519: Boot-floppy install fails to see net driver disk in USB floppy drive

Rob Sims wrote:
> I used the i386 floppy images to install to a Sony PCG-C1X which has no 
> CD-ROM or floppy disk controller.  Booting was done via a USB floppy 
> drive.  Boot followed by root disks (in expert mode) worked until I was 
> prompted for a driver disk.  The system failed to see the network 
> driver image, and simply returned to the load driver prompt each time I 
> tried.

Hmm, it's supposed to prompt for a device to mount in this case. If you
can boot d-i with DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 and reproduce that and get a copy of
/var/log/syslog that would help debug this. Failing that
/var/log/debian-installer/syslog from your installed system might be

see shy jo

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