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Bug#280347: installation-reports

Keith Parkansky wrote:
> Debian-installer-version: <purchased CDs of testing snapshot
> 2 weeks ago from debianvendor.org>

Unfortunatly from this I cannot figure out what version you used, short
of buying my own copy. The version of the installer is given if you
presee f2 at the boot prompt.

> When I use 'linux netcfg/use_dhcp=false'

Please use netcfg/disable_dhcp=true as documented with f7 at the boot
prompt and in the manual.

> Also, the text on the installer screen is
> very hard to read.  I don't have the best
> vision in the world and the color scheme
> and font size are not a very good combination.

Maybe debian-installer/framebuffer=false would help? If you can't read
text displayed in 80x25 on your display you need to get a bigger display
I guess..

see shy jo

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