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Re: How to use PPP to install Debian?

martin f krafft wrote:
> Let's assume I am being handed a businesscard image on one of these
> CD business cards, and told to try it out. At home, I have a speedy
> PPPoE connection, or I use PPP to access my fast GPRS modem. I pop
> in the CD, boot, find and load the ppp-modules installer component,
> and...
> yeah, and? How does one use PPP during the installation? I cannot
> find anything in the menu, and mirror selection fails without an
> Ethernet device. Moreover, pppconfig and pppoeconf seem to be
> unavailable on tty2.
> Is PPP supported at all?

PPP is not supported for the first stage install, so get a netinst image

see shy jo

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