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preseed/url= for all install clients


Debian-Installer can get its preseed information from a webserver.

You append preseed/url=http://webserver/di/hosta.cfg during boot.

For hostb you would add preseed/url=http://webserver/di/hostb.cfg.

And when another host has to be installed, you have again both
work on server side (creating 'hostfoo.cfg') and client side, (appendig
hostfoo.cfg )

To get at the client side all the same, I wrote a CGI script
which is at http://www.stappers.nl/gst/diM/dim-mux
all clientsss append preseed/url=http://webserver/cgi-bin/dim-mux

The script transforms the IP address of the install client
into a directory name, from where it transmits D.I. seed information.

It assumes proper name resolving.

So when you administrate  subdomain.domain.tld.
where you have hosta.subdomain.domain.tld and hostb.subdomain.domain.tld,
you will have  under the webserver DocumentRoot directory the files
tld/domain/subdomain/hosta/di.seeds and
tld/domain/subdomain/hostb/di.seeds. For hostfoo you have to create
tld/domain/subdomain/hostfoo/di.seeds but nothing extra at client side.

HTH, at least usefull for someone else

Geert Stappers

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