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>> - I get a garbled display right after configuring the network,
switching to the second tty and back helps but it should not really garble
in the first
>> place?!
I did some checking on this.
It reproduces 100% on multiple machines (I just tried my laptop).

After "Configuring the network with DHCP" the screen is blanked. And then
when the next phase tries to turn it blue it garbles.

I guess that is the time the preseed file is loaded and activated.

The problem disappears when I change the preseed value:
d-i     debian-installer/framebuffer    boolean true
into "false". However the dialogs turn to a inferiour type after this
option gets activated.
It looks like preseeding reinitializes the framebuffer (something that
does not occur on interactive install at all) and then it does this job
not good enough which leaves me with a gabled screen.
This scenario explains the behaviour I see.
I think the issue can be solved if the code does not reinitialize the
screen if the state does not change (just leave the framebuffer as it is,
if it is already on).

I have also tried to remove the framebuffer line all together from the
preseed file but that restores the garbeling behaviour.

Another question: is any developer information available for the installer
e.g. architecture, control flow ...? Or is the source self documenting :-)
at the moment?

> It might be an option, but not for sarge. It's also problimatic to do
> that, since it would leave non-English speakers unable to recover if the
> network configuration failed and needed non-preseeded input to recover.
I think it is fair to assume that if someone can create a preseed file
(which always is in English), (s)he can handle the situation you described
in English too. In any case the languagechooser follows soon after


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