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Re: Bug#279307: debian-installer: shortcut for language/country/keymap is useful

Quoting Helmut Wollmersdorfer (helmut.wollmersdorfer@gmx.at):

> That's the point.
> Assuming much seems to be convenient for mainstream, but gets 
> inconvenient in case of special needs.
> E.g. I want to have English as language for installation, 
> administration, messages and man, as this has advantages to find similar 
> problems or describe them in newsgroups, forums and bug trackers.
> Keyboard is German, location is Austria (but can change in case of a 
> notebook), encoding should be UTF-8.

Well, I do not see any problem here..:-)

All this is technically possible with the current d-i...except
defaulting to a UTF-8 environment (that will be possible as soon as
localechooser replaces lang+countrychooser)

I do not agree about only using English for system administration but
this is a personal feeling which is for sure not enforced anywhere in

> Developers should always keep in mind, that different users can exist on 
> one system, that one user can have different roles, wants to use more 
> than one language at the same time etc.

I absolutely don't know where you got the idea that all this is not

For sure, the default install will not allow you to configure the
locales package for several locales simultaneously. For this, you need
to either use the expert install...or "dpkg-reconfigure locales" when
the installation is over. 

> Thus locales should always be choosable and reconfigurable in a 
> convenient way without reading tons of manuals. Assuming 
> interdependencies, and using inheritance to get senseful defaults is 
> o.k. But the user should always have the chance to override the 
> defaults, or to change to expert level or even deeper expert levels.

This is exactly how d-i behaves since the beginning..:-)

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