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Bug#279090: No 2nd stage after installation with netinst CD using network-console

I have created patches for both prebaseconfig and network-console.
The main fixes are in the patch for prebaseconfig (see #279213).

The patches can be uploaded independently.

This patch for network-console only makes sure the script does not fail if 
network-console-config fails to install and adds some logging.

I leave this bug report open as I think a dialog should be added after the 
string freeze for RC2 to explain to the user that base-config will be 
started on the main console after reboot.

The patch I committed to svn is as follows:
--- prebaseconfig       (revision 23555)
+++ prebaseconfig       (working copy)
@@ -3,6 +3,10 @@

 [ "$TERM_TYPE" != network ] && exit 0

+log() {
+    logger -t prebaseconfig "$@"
 . /usr/share/debconf/confmodule

@@ -16,8 +20,13 @@
 echo 'installer:x:0:0:installer:/:/usr/sbin/base-config-network-console' 
>> /target/etc/passwd
 grep "^installer:" /etc/shadow >> /target/etc/shadow

-apt-install network-console-config
-db_input critical $TEMPLATE_ROOT/prebaseconfig-reminder
+if apt-install network-console-config ; then
+    log "Installed network-console-config successfully into /target"
+    db_input critical $TEMPLATE_ROOT/prebaseconfig-reminder
+    db_go
+    ## FIXME (see #279090) ##
+    # There really should be a dialog shown here
+    # Not implemented yet because of string freeze for RC2 release
+    log "Installation of network-console-config into /target failed"

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