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Bug#278276: base-config: Loops during Albanian installs

I've debugged this some. The core of the problem seems to be this line
from base-config's sq.po:

msgstr "Mbaro konfigurimin e  sistemit bazë"

Note the apparent two spaces ^

When base-config generates its menu mapping file, the two spaces remain.
But when it displays the main menu, it somehow loses one of the spaces.
When this menu item is selected it then greps in the menu mapping file for
"Mbaro konfigurimin e sistemit bazë", which fails, and then gets confused
since it cannot figure out what menu item was selected.

So what becomes of the second space? Well, base-config builds up its choices
list and does a SUBST to make it be the choices for the main menu.
When debconf processes a SUBST, it splits the value on whitespace, and
collapses multiple whitespace into one when doing this. This is debconf
bug #189026.

So in summary, this can be fixed by removing the double whitespace from
the sq.po file and any other base-config translations that use doubled
whitespace in debconf values that are used to create base-config's
choices list. This will just need to be something we watch out for like
we watch out for translators using commas in there. Unlike commas I can
see no real reason to use doubled whitespace. I've modified prep-menu to
automatically collapse doubled whitespace too, in the same place it
strips commas.

see shy jo

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