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SATA on Dell PowerEdge SC420

Hullo :)

We just received a shiny new entry-level server from Dell this morning - Dell 
have only recently started shipping these servers, and I'm sorry to say that 
the latest nightly build of d-i does not detect the SATA IDE disk in this 
machine, and the CD-ROM on parallel IDE is working fine at /dev/hda...

I have tried both the 2.4.27 and kernels on the netinst ISO but to no 
avail - the PCI ID of the controller is 8086:2652 which seems to be [1]  
"82801FR/FRW (ICH6R/ICH6RW) SATA Controller" if that helps?

Both the 'piix' and 'serverworks' modules are loaded, but they don't pick this 
up.  I wanted to check in here before reporting a bug in case I've made a 
silly mistake.


[1] http://pciids.sourceforge.net/iii/?i=80862652

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