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Bug#276840: bootprompt limit

On Saturday 16 October 2004 23:26, Geert Stappers wrote:
>  check/a=1 check/b=2 check/c=3 check/d=4
>  languagechooser/language-name=English countrychooser/shortlist=NL

I can confirm that some boot parameters are lost in the environment.

Of the above sequence only the first three are listed in `set`.
All are listed in `cat /proc/cmdline`
This is with kernel 2.4.27 in qemu (i386 netinst CD image of 20041015).

Hmm. If I try the same with 2.6.8 kernel I get a real-life kernel panic:
  Kernel panic: Too many boot env vars at `check/d=4'
d-i does not even boot!

/me wonders why Joey has never seen this with all his preseeding tests...

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