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Re: Automatic root password setting

On Friday 08 October 2004 18:43, Joey Hess wrote:
> Colin Watson wrote:
> > Or passwd/root-passwd with an invented 'hash' flag set.

Yes, I think that would work, although (playing devil's advocate, somewhat), a 
hash is just a string with different semantics.

Normally, the semantics are held in the keyword and the value is some dumb 
storage (boolean, string, whatever).  Having different meanings for 
passwd/root-passwd (== "plain-text password", "md5 hash", ...) means the 
handling of passwd/root-password-again becomes somewhat convoluted.

> > Joey (or anyone), does the preseeding infrastructure support debconf
> > flags? 
> No it doesn't, although I think we could extend it to do so without
> bending the file format too badly.

Would this involve a lot of work?

I think both:
  passwd/root-passwd          hash  $1$oybxvvkS$cjtsxW4.ss1vRVpoxie1A1
  passwd/root-passwd-hash string $1$oybxvvkS$cjtsxW4.ss1vRVpoxie1A1
would work, but I suspect the latter to be easier to implement.



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