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adding an "outdated" warning to the installation manual for some arches

I guess the installation manual is still not fact checked or up to date
for some architectures, like alpha, while it's in rasonably good shape
for others, like i386 and powerpc. Since we're close to the cutoff point
to being able to modify the manual for sarge, I wonder if we should add
a warning to the manual to architectures that are known not to be fully
up-to-date, something like:

  Warning: This installation manual is based on an earlier installation
  manual written for the old Debian installer (the "boot-floppies"), and
  has been updated to document the new Debian installer. However, for
  this architecture, the manual has not been fully updated and fact
  checked for the new installer. There may remain parts of the manual
  that are outdated or document the boot-floppies installer. A newer
  version of this manual, possibly better doucumenting this architecture
  may be found on the web at

What other architectures besides i386 and powerpc are updated well
enough to avoid such a warning?

see shy jo

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