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Re: Grub install fails.

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 13:13:43 +0200,
debian-boot@lists.debian.org said:

> and with which error message?

Upon reaching the screen that says 'install to MBR
<yes> <no>' i select <no>.

Then there's a screen for selecting a custom grub
install location.  That screen says you can install to
fd0 by typing '(fd0)' or '/dev/fd0'.  Typing
'/dev/fd0' fails with a dialog box saying:

  'Unable to install GRUB in /dev/fd0
  'Executing 'grub install /dev/fd0' failed.
  'This is a fatal error.'
  <go back> <continue>

Selecting EITHER of <go back> or <continue> results in
a dialog box headed "Installation step failed" and
further saying "An installation step failed.  You can
try to run the failing item again from the menu, or
skip it and choose something else.  The failing step
is: Install the GRUB boot loader on a hard disk.

Selecting <continue> returns to the main menu.  From
there, running through the whole process fails in the
same manner, even if CORRECTLY entering '(fd0)'.  Ie.
it sets up a LOOP in the installation even though
'(fd0)' should work.

If '(fd0)' is entered for the FIRST TIME ONLY, i'm
able to get past the grub step successfully.  But
entering '(fd0)' after previously entering '/dev/fd0'
or 'fd0' fails as above.


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