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Bug#275075: installation-reports: fails to install the speakup kernel image

Kenny Hitt wrote:
> I am atempting to install Sarge using the access floppies from
> http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/daily/floppy/access dated
> 10-04-2004.  The install starts ok, but the installer installs the
> kernel image for my processor instead of the speakup kernel image.  This
> means I loos access to the system after reboot.  A solution for this
> problem would be to have the package responsible for deciding what
> kernel image to install to check for /proc/speakup.  If /proc/speakup
> exists, then install the speakup kernel image instead of the kernel image
> for the system's detected cpu.

Thanks for the info about /proc/speakup. I'll try to hack this into
base-installer; it should show up tomorrow after the mirror sync if you
want to try a new install then.

I think you can work around this problem by doing an expert mode
install. That will prompt you with a long list of kernel images to
install, and the speakup kernel should be in that list.

Thanks for testing the speakup images -- few people do.

see shy jo

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