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Re: Automatic root password setting

|--==> Christian Perrier writes:

  >>#passwd		passwd/root-password		password r00tme
  >>#passwd		passwd/root-password-again	password r00tme
  >>has this been fixed?

  CP> No, this is #271407. It's likely that no more update to shadow will
  CP> happen until sarge release unless someone convinces the release
  CP> managers (mail debian-release) and someone else does the job.

  >>Furthermore I'd like to be able to set it to  the same password chosen
  >>by the user for his personal account. This imply that the user account
  >>must be set up *before* root password. Is this possible?

  CP> No, this would be a change to passwd.confg logic which will not be
  CP> made for sarge also...

  CP> However, you should be able preseed the values for "normal" user:

  CP> #passwd	 passwd/user-password password j0hn_D0e
  CP> #passwd	 passwd/user-password-again password j0hn_D0e
  CP> #passwd  passwd/user-fullname string John Doe

  CP> (untested!)

  CP> Unfortunately, the user login name cannot be preseeded as it is
  CP> resetted to the user first name (thus "john" in my example) by passwd
  CP> config script.

Ok thanks for you hints.

Is there a way to get the  Unix login name  that the user chosen using
debconf? I'd like to use it to set gdm's autologin. E.g. :

    . /usr/share/debconf/confmodule

    db_get passwd/username

    if [ -n "$RET" ]; then
	sed -i "s,^AutomaticLoginEnable=false,AutomaticLoginEnable=false,g"  /etc/gdm/gdm.conf
	sed -i "s,^AutomaticLogin=,AutomaticLogin=$RET,g"/etc/gdm/gdm.conf



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