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Bug#271309: is this bug fixed?

Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> I've looked at this again, and it seems that my problems are due to
> debian-installer not finding the sym53c8xx module from the 2.6 kernel.
> This in turn is because d-i uses discover which automatically probes
> for ncr53c8xx instead and fails because that driver doesn't exist any
> more.  So I believe this bug is with d-i and should stay open.  If you
> want me to test a more recent build, please let me know.
> In any case, the bug deserves a more fitting title, which I'm setting
> now.

You didn't provide lspci information so I cannot say for sure, but
discover1-data has recently changed to use sym53c8xx if the 2.6 kernel
is in use, and use sym53c8xx_2 for the same devices under the 2.4 kernel.
So I suspect your bug is already fixed.

see shy jo

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