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Re: Why netboot CD needs to wget debian-installer?

Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> I think installer wants files from remote mirror that are already in
> CD-drive.

IIRC it tries to update to the latest version.

> I booted from pre-RC2 floppies, boot, root, and cd-drivers. Then
> installer found SCSI CD-drive and pre-RC2 netboot cd image there.
> Then I told it to use my own partial mirror, created with command 
> debmirror /opt/mirror/debian --nosource --passive \
>   --host=ftp.fi.debian.org --dist=sarge --arch=i386 \
>   --section=main,contrib,non-free --progress
> and served with HTTP server. 
> But installer fails to use it, claiming file not found.

It probably fell in the trap of missing stable/testing/unstable
symlinks on that mirror.


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