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Bug#274511: devfs on sarge install cd is confusing for newbies

# it is important when new users even when they are coming from some
# other dist are unable to install Debian
severity 274511 important


Colin Watson wrote:
> > when you install sarge (or use the rescue system) you get devfs.
> This *so* won't be fixed for sarge. :-) It's quite deeply embedded in

I noticed this a few months ago but I unfortunately forgot to file the
report and I trusted the d-i folks to get the idea that using devfs
would cause serious confusion for newbies.

I was reminded by at actual occurance of this problem where *I* needed
to tell the person wanting to teach the class what to do when you use
devfs since he only knew about /dev/hda etc.

> the d-i code. For etch, we'll probably move to something else, but now
> is not the time.

Couldn't you at least not work around it? d-i can use devfs internally still

> > However, Linux newbies or people switching from other distributions not
> > using devfs (and not knowing that something like this exists or how it
> > works - devfs is deprecated after all) are going to be seriously
> > confused....
> By and large, they shouldn't have to care. The installed system doesn't
> use devfs, and new users won't have to poke around in the installer
> environment too much.

People who use some other dist and have their first contact with Debian
with the rescue system *will* poke around in the evironment and *will*

besides that, IIRC the installer (I currently don't have a free
partition to test) and the partitioner show the devfs node, which
is something new users *will* notice -- and some won't have a clue how
to proceed then..

> > The resulting system installed by d-i doesn't so what is the reason
> > you use devfs/the desired effect?
> We don't have room for static device nodes, and no alternatives were
> available at the time when that part of d-i was originally written.
> devfsd wouldn't fit in a number of the images, and would probably only
> cause unnecessary confusion.

eh? how? Most people will use /dev/hda etc. and people who know use

And is the CD/DVD image place really that tight? I don't know much about
that but devfs should fit on CDs/DVDs... Although I don't think this is
good it could be left out on floppies then....


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