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Re: Bug#268554: weirdness trying to use existing efi partitions on ia64

Closes: #268554

Found problem as reported.  Committed fix with revision r22446.


On Thursday 30 September 2004 21:54, Joey Hess wrote:
> Jim Lieb wrote:
> > Close: 268554
> >
> > This bug has been fixed by a combination of various partman core changes
> > and the latest patch to partman-efi.  I could not reproduce this symptom
> > in the current version.  If no one else can reproduce it, please close
> > this bug.
> I can still reproduce this:
> 1. Install debian using automatic partitioning.
> 2. Reinstall on top of that, manual partitioning, tell it to reformat
>    the root partition. Since the EFI partition exists already, leave it
>    as is
> 3. partman-efi complains that there is no EFI partition.

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