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Bug#274436: i386 serial console installation report

Geert Stappers wrote:
> A netboot install on a i386 with serial console went mostly fine.
> Here is my feedback:
> * Had to use the newt frontend, but that is not funny on serial line.
> Please include cdebconf-text-udeb, to make DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text possible.

I'd considered adding this anyway before for i386, so I have.

> * to get a nice behaving base-config [1]
> You have to install the libterm-readline-gnu-perl package
> in the target chroot and `dpkg-reconfigure debconf` to set readline.

> [1] it doesn't shown the default in the menus, neither selections.

The default behavior of debconf here is not ideal, but unfortunatly cannot be
easily improved with perl's built in read line library:

  * readline and teletype frontends do not display default in brackets,
    and do not special case empty string as the default. It's more important
    that the user be able to enter an empty string reliably. Default values
    are still provided if Term::Readline::Gnu is installed. Closes: #183970

So basically, there _is_ no default with the configuration you set up.

> * No kernel messages and no grub menu is shown on the serial console.
> With this patch on /boot/grub/menu.lst it does.

I suppose I'll reassign this report to grub-installer, though we already have
#224641. What we really need is a tested grub-installer patch..

see shy jo

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