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Re: Bug#270536: anna cant't find /cdrom/dists//Release on netinstand full CD set.

I have the same problem on my HP Omnibook 4100 using the netinst-cd of the
first release candidate of sarge:
(Sorry, I don't know the md5-code, I only have the cd not the iso-file).

Here is a the error-message in the syslog:

Oct  1 15:32:37 cdrom-retriever: info: Retrieving package list.
Oct  1 15:32:37 anna[4211]: grep:
Oct  1 15:32:37 anna[4211]: /cdrom/dists//Release
Oct  1 15:32:37 anna[4211]: : No such file or directory

The full syslog and messages are attached.

It may be interesting to point out that the cdrom device of the my laptop is
a Toshiba CDROM XM 1802B, which (I guess) looks like the Toshiba XM-1702B,
that is build in the Latitude CPi A400XT.

A work-around that worked for me was to manually unmount the cdrom device in
the following manner:
When the error-message of the debian-install system pops up saying that it
can not find certain files, and asks if it should retry or cancel, choose
cancel. Then go to a virtual console (crtl-alt-F2) and unmount the cdrom
(umount /cdrom). Go back to the install system (ctrl-alt-F1) and choose to
detect and mount the cdrom-device. After that the install-procedure
continues as nothing has happened.

I hope this work-around is helpful, although I understand does not really
solve the problem.

Best Regards,
Olaf Booij
(I'm not subscribed to this list)

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